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"Healthy Living in Montgomery, Texas is wonderful! We love the ladies that work there, and we love the store! We are in there so often, that it is our second home <3" -by K.T.
"Carol, thank you so much for the other day. You will have a client for life. Thank u my prayer warrior sisters!!!!!!! That meant more to me than you will ever know!!!!!" -BY J.S.
"This place sells wonderful healthy items!!!" -by S.R.
"They know their stuff!! Best health food, vitamins, beauty products, cleaning products etc. ever!!" -by M.K.
Healthy living, the place for advice and everything healthy! Love ya!" -by L.T.
"EVERY THING. From products to PURE customer service! Being a light in such a dark time is hard. Thank you!" -by D.C.
"Healthy Living is the very best health food store that I know of! In the past I have owned a health food store so I can say this unequivocally. Claire, Carol and Staff are the most knowledgeable and caring people I've been privileged to know." -by K.C.
"I love this place! Anyone in the Conroe/Montgomery area, I highly recommend you stop in and see all the options for healthier living!" -by R.U.
"They have a great selection. They are very knowledgeable and nice! Love this store!" -by H.G.
"Love this place! Healthy Living is a beautiful store with owners who make helping people their passion. I'm so grateful for Claire and the many ways she has helped my entire family! Not sure what we would do without her." -by A.C.
Healthy Living offers such amazing products, produce, service and wisdom from such kind people !" -by R.B.
"Love that I can get what I need to help my family naturally, and everyone is so knowledgeable!" -by A.B.
"The GREATEST health store around! Very knowledgeable and friendly people and their prices are very competitive." -by K.H.
"I LOVE this store! The staff is so friendly and remembers me every time! They are always helpful when I need to find an item or suggest a remedy needed! This is where I purchase practically all of my "DIY NATURAL" projects! (Cleaning, first aid, etc!). Their prices are fair and I love being able to support a local small business vs a big box store!" -by J.H.
"Love Healthy Living! Everyone is helpful, caring and knowledgeable! I so appreciate all that y'all do! = )" -by T.P.
"Could not have gotten such good healing without you all! Your wisdom & love for what you do has helped me immensely on my journey, and I am always profoundly grateful!" -by M.M.
"Been going to this store for almost 2 years now. If you are looking for it, they have it! They are also SO sweet and helpful!" -by A.S.

Healthy Living
Health Shop, Organic Mart & Wellness Center
Welcome to the website of Healthy Living.
 Whether you are looking to reclaim or maintain your health or the health of someone you care for, our desire is to provide you with information, services and products that help you in your search.
Healthy Living is Christian owned & operated business located in Montgomery, Texas and is established upon proven and tested modalities that have been used for years by naturopathic doctors and practitioners around the world. Currently called alternative health care, these modalities were used long before our modern medicine, helping people re-balance their bodies and find their way to wellness.

To reach a state of optimal health, most people must first overcome their chronic health problems, such as joint stiffness, muscle aches, mood swings and hormone imbalances, asthma, allergies, headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, and all the "itises" which are inflammation-based health issues.

Our goal is to help improve our client's health and family life by providing consultations that address physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental issues. Even serious conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer have seen benefit in adopting a more holistic approach to health.

Healthy Living is holistic practice, offering services and over 6,000 square feet all-natural and organic products and a wellness spa for your physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental health

We offer safe, non-invasive and highly-effective modalities including Naturopathic Consultations,  Bio Feedback Readings, Face, Tongue & Nail Analysis, Eyology Evaluations, Nutritional Counseling, Infrared Saunas, Massage, Organic Facials, Ionic Foot Baths and more...

We recommend natural health-supporting products such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, aromatherapy, and products that promote cleansing, detoxification, and bringing balance to the body.
Used wisely, these things can strengthen your body and improve your vitality.

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Christian Owned & Operated

Portions of Healthy Living's  Market

Raw Vegan unCook Class
A portion of Healthy Living's Supplement area
We've added a beautiful wellness center/spa with our new expansion.
We offer a variety of NEW services including massages and facials

A large co-op box from Healthy Living's Co-op
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